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A metropolitan city like Baytown in Texas has, both, prepaid as well as postpaid electricity. You will need to go through a procedure of going through credit checks, and submit residential proof, etc to be able to get postpaid electricity. Also, the rates of postpaid electricity are fixed compared to prepaid electricity. No credit checks are required in electricity that is prepaid. Rates also vary when you opt for electricity provided by private power companies.

For postpaid electricity, you do not have the facility of same day activation and pay as you goelectricity. This is because; all the credentials and documents that you submit to get this kind of electricity will have to go through evaluation for you to be able to get electricity. Imagine if you are shifting from one area to another within the same city, and every time, you will have to go through the lengthy procedure and wait your turn if you apply for postpaid electricity. This is a hassle and your wait time can be long, depending upon the time it takes to approve your application.

The same is not the case with electricity that is taken from private power companies. When you are relocating to any town in Texas of within the same city, you only have to inform your electricity provider and they will take the responsibility of immediately shifting the power to the said location at the scheduled time.