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Easy Payment Options for Prepaid Electricity in Irving

Pay as you go electricity is a cheapest feature on all the prepaid electricity connections in Irving, Texas. Whether you are shifting to this city or relocating to any other place in Texas, as long as you have the same power provider in the relocated city, you don’t have to reapply for a power connection. You will only have to send them a request for a reconnection and a smart meter will be installed here with again, no credit check.

Therefore, anywhere within Texas, whenever and wherever you want to shift, you will have a prepaid connection available at your residence, instantly! You will only have to update your address for a reconnection of power in any location within Texas that you shift. You can start using all the electronic and electrical devices the same day you move into your new home. Every resident in Texas can enjoy the cheapest rates for electricity. With same day activation available, you don’t have to spend a single second in darkness with this facility available.

Flexible options to pay your bill are also one of the best features of taking a prepaid connection. You can recharge your electricity connection anytime that is convenient for you without worrying about disconnection. If you are unable to pay the full amount in any month, you can deposit a small amount that is payable by you and continue to use the electricity. You can thus, deposit any sum in this account and pay the bill as per your convenience.