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Odessa, Texas

No Credit Check to Get Electricity at Your Home in Odessa, Texas

As surreal it might sound, it is true that a prepaid electricity connection in Odessa, Texas would come with no credit check required, no deposit, and no heavy monthly bill, along with the facility of same day activation. Imagine you moving to a new city and the first thing you have to do after shifting to a new home is think of getting connections, such as, gas, electricity, water, etc.

Electricity being the most essential commodity, there has been a long winding procedure to get a power connection, until 2002, after which the deregulation by the Texas government gave many private power providers the opportunity to retail their power packages to residents.

This pay as you goelectricity by many of these private power providers has proved to be advantages to all the citizens of Texas. You can choose the packages and also your power providers. You get the same day installationdone only in case of prepaid power connection. You also get the meter installed at your homes the same day you call up the customer service for a prepaid connection.

Their service is quick, reliable, and amicable. You can apply for this connection even over the phone. You don’t have to type anything anywhere, or punch in any details anywhere in order to apply, as it is just a phone call away. Easy, convenient, affordable, are synonymous to a prepaid power connection. Making electricity affordable and easily available to residents of Texas has also improved their economic condition in many ways.